The 124th New York Regimental Association was created in 2013 to help preserve the memory of the 124th New York State Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. The Association is made up of dedicated like-minded volunteers who seek to collect, preserve, and restore items pertaining the the 124th New York. The Association itself has no holdings, but seeks to place materials in historical societies and museums within Orange County and the Hudson Valley. Besides preservation, the Association is committed to educating the public on the history of the 124th NY. This is done through talks, discussion, presentation, and publications.

2013-15 Transcript Archive Project:

The Transcript Project is an ongoing effort to preserve material pertaining to the 124th wartime experience. The first phase has been to collect and transcribe letters, diaries, and manuscripts, as well as photographs of 124th soldiers. Phase 2 will focus on annotating these transcripts and arranging them in to a coherent collection which can be published into a single book or collective volumes. All materials collected will eventually be made available to the public.

What you can do:

Volunteer – This can be done in a number of capacities:

  1. Searching out new materials/Archive work
  2. Transcribing Materials
  3. Editing and Annotating Transcribed Materials



  1. Monetary – This project has been solely been funded by the generous help of community members and ancestors of 124th NY members.
  2. Artifacts/Ephemera – We are always looking for new and undiscovered materials pertaining to the 124th. This can be in the form of period pieces or transcripts/copies of period items.